Fundamental rights in the European Union

Fundamental Rights in the EU

Course description:

The course will present evolution of judicial protection of fundamental rights in the European Union. The course will explore tension between fundamental rights in general and market freedoms and how it is resolved by the judiciary, particularly through development and application of judicial doctrines of proportionality and margin of appreciation in case law of European courts. 


The course offers interactive discussions, presentations and group work on the following topics:

  • Development of Fundamental Rights in EU
  • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Fundamental Rights & Rule of Law
  • EU Court of Justice
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • Discrimination & Non-discrimination Principle
  • Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Freedoms
  • Fundamental Rights in Digital Age: Internet & Social Media
  • Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech on Internet
  • Multiple Discrimination & Immigration 
  • Fundamental Rights & Global Environmental Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights 


Prof. dr. sc. Snjezana Vasiljevic, M. Phil (Cantab), Ph.D (Zagreb),is the associate professor of the European Union Law at the Faculty of law, University of Zagreb, ad hoc judge at the European Court of Human Rights and the holder of the Jean Monnet Module in EU Law and Gender. As a British Government Chevening Scholar, she earned her the master's at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, Darwin College. She is the expert of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Council of Europe and the Committee for Justice of the Croatian Parliament. 

Basic information


30 hrs. of teaching

Online course 

(eLearning site assignments and GoogleMeet interactive lectures)

Open-book exam

Guests lectures from:


Court of Justice of the EU

European Court of Human Rights

International Non-governmental Organisations



Course requirements 

  • take-home open-book exam (essay on a given topic or solving of a hypothetical case) 
    - 60% of the grade
  • participation in "online" discussions; individual or group presentation 
    - 30% of the grade
  • regular “online“ attendance - 10% of the grade

Course materials 

  • available on eLearning platform Merlin (log in using AAI identity)


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