Law of Misdemeanors
Chair of Criminal Procedural Law
Law of Misdemeanors
Code: 61279
ECTS: 4.0
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Law of Misdemeanors 4.0 61279
The concept of a misdemeanor (minor offence) and law of misdemeanor. Difference from other criminal offences. The relation between penal procedure and delictal suit. Comparative legal survey of concepts of misdemeanors and law of misdemeanors. Historical survey of the development of Croatian law of misdemeanor.
Sources of the law of misdemeanor and their validity.
General part of substantive law of misdemeanor: misdemeanor, authorities to decide on sanctions, the principle of legality, doing and not doing, guilt, kinds of sanctions for offences, sentences, statute of limitations, other institutes of the general part of substantive law of misdemeanor.
A survey of the special part of substantive law of misdemeanor: offences against traffic safety, financial offences, offences against public peace and order, offences against copyright and related rights, selection from other important laws that regulate offences.
Offence procedure. The principle of fairness, the principle of economical quality, the principle of directness, verbal evidence, publicity and contradiction. Actual jurisdiction for conducting offence proceedings: courts and administrative bodies. Instituting offence proceedings. Findings of administrative bodies. Misdemeanor charge. Request to institute offence proceedings. Hearing before magistrates? court/administrative body. Law of evidence in offence proceedings. Kinds of decision in offence proceedings. Legal remedies.
Effectuation of formal decision. Effectuation of a fine and custodial sentence. Supplementary imprisonment. Realisation of other measures.
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