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Chair of Foreign Languages
English for Law IV
Study: Law - 4. semester
Code: 31580
ECTS: 2.0
Course coordinators: dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić , v. pred.
dr. sc. Snježana Husinec , v. pred.
dr. sc. Marijana Javornik-Čubrić , v. pred.
Miljen Matijašević , v. pred.
Basic data
English for Law IV Law - 4. semester
2.0 31580
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
dr. sc. Irena Horvatić Bilić , v. pred.

Thusdays 09.15-10:00 and 14.00 - 15.00

Gundulićeva 10, room 2A
dr. sc. Snježana Husinec , v. pred.

Tuesdays 11 - 12

Office hours are held online. Prior announcement per email is needed.

A permalink is available on Merlin.

Gundulićeva 10, room Gundulićeva 10, kabinet 2A
dr. sc. Marijana Javornik-Čubrić , v. pred.

Mondays 14:30-15:30

Gundulićeva 10, room 6
Miljen Matijašević , v. pred.

online by appointment

Gundulićeva 10, room Gundulićeva 10, soba 6
REQUIRED: L. Sočanac, M. Matijašević, M. Javornik-Čubrić, I. Horvatić-Čajko, S. Husinec; English for the Legal Profession 2nd revised edition; Narodne novine (2019), str. 201-263
RECOMMENDED: Milica Gačić; Englesko-hrvatski rječnik prava i međunarodnih i poslovnih odnosa; Školska knjiga (2010)
RECOMMENDED: M. Hewings; Advanced Grammar in Use; Cambridge University Press (2004)
The course includes six different topics related to international law, supranational law and international organisations, public and private international law, United Nations, Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights, and the sources of law and institutions of the European Union.
The titles of the topics are as follows: Private International Law, Public International Law, International Organizations, The Protection of Human Rights in Europe, The Legal Foundations of the European Union, Institutions of the European Union.
Every unit consists of two parts. Part II aims at the analysis of authentic legal texts related to the main topic of the unit. Such an approach opens the possibility for the students to get to know different text genres and their linguistic features. Special emphasis is placed on legal terminology, collocations and other multi-word expressions as well as communication and presentation skills.
Work on every topic is often related to case law and current social situation. In such a way students are encouraged to discuss current issues and apply their knowledge in concrete situations. A comparative approach is taken in all topics where it might be relevant to compare legal institutes and related terminology in English speaking countries with the Croatian legal system and Croatian legal terminology.
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