Dr John Olsson

Dr John Olsson is the world’s first full-time forensic linguist, and has been practising since
1995. During this period he has prepared hundreds of reports for prosecutors, defence
counsel, and police forces across the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland. He has
been on all of the UK national expert registers since 1996, and is currently on the National
Crime Agency register of experts. Dr Olsson has also been an expert before the
International Criminal Court where he reported on the fabrication of witness statements in
connection with allegations against the President of the Republic of Kenya. He has
appeared in court many times to give live testimony on authorship and other linguistic
Dr Olsson’s areas of expertise include the construction and provenance of written language,
including authorship, and the interpretation of meaning. He has been consulted on
numerous occasions by police in order to give an opinion on authorship and other linguistic
questions, and also for defence. He also has experience in the security industry, particularly
with threat texts, and has worked on live inquiries involving threat to life on a number of
Dr Olsson has authored a number of textbooks on forensic linguistics which are widely
used in universities across the world, including in translation – Croatian, Arabic, Chinese
and Russian.
Dr Olsson was recently awarded a Chief Constable’s Commendation for his work on a high
profile murder case.
Dr Olsson is a barrister with a first class law degree from Bangor University and has represented
clients in civil litigation cases on a number of occasions. He currently lectures in the School of
Law at Bangor University, specialising in Canadian constitutional law and the law of expert
evidence. In the Criminology Department, he teaches the module Forensic Linguistics in Court.

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