1. Object and content of a comparative study of contemporary political systems. The concept of a "political system" . Contemporary science on comparative political systems.
  2. Classification of political systems: democratic and autocratic regimes. Contemporary democracies of Europe and North America. New democracies of East and Middle Europe. Problems of democratic transition in ex-communist system countries. Republic of Croatia's place and prospects in the process of transformation. Problems in building political institutions. New institutional analysis. Theory of constitutional choice. A pluralist model of the political system.
  3. Theory of the division of power and its application in contemporary developed democracies. Great Britain, United States of America, Germany, France. Contemporary parliamentarism. Problems of application in the political system of the Republic of Croatia.
  4. Compound states and associations of states: American theories of federalism. A comparative approach to the study of compound states and associations of states. The downfall of communist federations and the birth of new and independent states. The creation of an independent and sovereign Republic of Croatia. Actualisation of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia.


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