doc. dr. sc. Iva Savić
doc. dr. sc.
Iva Savić

Iva Savić was born on March 17th, 1983 in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia. She has graduated at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, Croatia in 2006 with grade average 4,63 which awarded her magna cum laude honor. The degree is  recognized as a  LL.M. (mag.iur)

In November 2007, Iva Savic started working as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, in the Department for Maritime and Transport Law, where she got her Ph.D. degree in 2014 (disertation on "Influence of Air Transport Agreements between the European Union and Third Countires on Development of International Air Law").

Iva Savić is a General Secretary of Croatian Transport Law Association (CTLA) and a member of organization and scientific committees of European Air Law Association (EALA).

She has published a book in international air law (2019), in European transport law - as a coauthor, and dozen of articles in peer-reviewed journals in Croatia and internationally.



2012 Society of Teachers and other Scientist in Zagreb - reward for a young scientist's contribution to social sciences



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Šifra projekta: 1949: Multidisciplinary Research Cluster on Crime in Transition - Trafficking in Human Beings, Corruption and Economic Crime (Trans.Crim)

Expert associate and researcher, Croatian Ministry of science, education and sport, "Croatian Transport Law and the Challenges of EU Single Market" (2007-2013).