izv. prof. dr. sc. Ivan Milotić
izv. prof. dr. sc.
Ivan Milotić

Ivan Milotić (1982) is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb. He received his education at the College of Pazin – Classical Grammar School, graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb with summa cum laude (2006) where he was ranked first in his class and where he obtained his PhD in civil law and family law sciences (2012). He defended his PhD thesis in the field of Roman law titled “Types and Functions of Arbitration in Roman Law” (2012). He received the Vice Chancellor’s Award of the University of Zagreb (2003/2004). He is a laureate of the Annual Award for Young Scientists and Artists given by the Association of University Teachers and Other Scientists in Zagreb (2009). He also received a Recognition by the Croatian Canon Law Society for a scientific contribution to the study of the relationship between the Church and the state and of canon law (2015). The book titled “The Austrian-Venetian Border in Istria / Il confine Veneto-austriaco in Istria” that he co-authored received the Croatian Museum Association Prize for 2017 for the most successful scientific research paper that resulted in the publication of a book. He is a member of the Legislation Committee of the Croatian Parliament. He is a head of the Croatian Truffle Institute. He is an editor in chief of the “Ceste i mostovi” (Roads and Bridges).  He is an editor in chief of the “Pravo i porezi” (Law and Taxes) magazine where he prepares the section on legal terminology and legal drafting. He is an editor of  legal editions of the Accounting, Revision and Finances group in Zagreb. He is an editor of the Histria Christiana historico-iuridica bibliographic series. He is a member of the editorial board of the Studia Canonica Croatica bibliographic series. He is the initiator and coordinator of the “Motovun Colloquium” and editor in chief of the Proceedings published subsequently. He is an initiator and coordinate if the international and annual meeting in the field of civil procedural law titled “In Memoriam Srećko Zuglia”, held in Grašišće in Istria. He led the project of the legal and historical argumentation of the Croatian position in the dispute over the name of the Teran wine variety and wine (2016/2017). He has authored a substantial number of papers in the field of Roman, canon, ecclesiastical, civil, commercial, administrative and tax law; legal drafting, legal terminology and language in law. He translated the Edict of Milan (313), Statute of Motovun (12th century to 1507) and Sententia Tridentina (1535) from Latin into Croatian, and Statute of Vrsar (1609 – 1768) and Treaty of Momjan (1521) from early Italian / Latin to Croatian. He has led a dozen multi-annual scientific research projects. Apart from the field of law, he has made important scientific contributions to the area of documentation, protection and preservation of cultural goods in Croatia, water management, viticulture and viniculture, historical documents and philology. Since 2013, he has been giving lectures on the topic of “Citing” within the scope of the “Academic Writing” workshop for students of the Faculty of Law in Zagreb.


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