prof. dr. sc. Lelija Sočanac
prof. dr. sc.
Lelija Sočanac

Prof. Dr. Lelija Socanac is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. She is the head of the Foreign Language Department and of the Center for Language and Law. She was the coordinator of the international Tempus project „Foreign Languages in the Field of Law (2006-2009) and member of the coordinating team of the Tempus project „European Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact“  (University of Zadar, 2002-2005). She directed  research projects „Croatian in Contact with European Languages“ and „Legal and Linguistic Aspects of Multilingualism“. Her research interests include contact linguistics, multilingualism, legal linguistics, (historical) sociolinguistics, language policy and planning, and critical discourse analysis (discourse historical approach). She has authored two and edited three books,  published over 50 articles, and has taken part in a large number of conferences in Croatia and abroad


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Professional memberships

Legal linguistics, (historical) sociolinguistics, critical discourse analysis, contact linguistics, language policy and planning

Eurolinguistic Network South-East (ENSE) (coordinator)

Languages in a Network of European Excellence (LINEE)

Croatian Association for Applied Linguistics

List of select projects

Croatian in Contact with European Languages (project director)

Tempus project Foreign Languages in the Field of Law (2006-2009) (project coordinator)

Legal and Linguistic Aspects of Multilingualism (project director) (2006-2013)