2016-01-28 at 11:36

We are glad to announce IUC’s 8th International Spring Course Crime Prevention through Criminal Law & Security Studies titled ‘Technology and Criminal Law – Manifestations and Implications’. The course will take place from 19th to 25th March, 2016 in Dubrovnik (Croatia),  and is open to all international graduate and postgraduate law students. The academic sponsor of the Course is the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (Croatia), and the organizing partners are Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law (Freiburg, Germany) and DePaul University (Chicago, USA).

All other relevant information about the Course are available on the Course website (www.pravo.unizg.hr/KP/crimeprevention). The Application Committee will select a limited number of participants who should have a minimum of three years of legal studies. Applications should be submitted by February 19th, 2016 through the online application form.

For any further questions you may have, please contact the course coordinator Dr. Aleksandar Marsavelski (aleksandar.marsavelski@pravo.hr).

Andrea Ohnishi
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