prof. dr. sc. Tatjana Josipović
prof. dr. sc.
Tatjana Josipović

Education and Professional Career: Studied Law at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law (31.5.1985); postgraduate Commercial Law (1985-87) at the same Faculty (master thesis “Avoiding debtor’s legal actions" defended 19.10.1990); PhD at the same Faculty, Dissertation “Systems of Recording Proprietary Rights in Land as Foundations of Protection of Bona Fide Transfers” defended 12.07.1995, promoted 16.2.1996); Bar exam (1987).

Worked as associate in a law office (23.10.1985-29.9.1987); and as law clerk, (18.11.1985-18.5.1986). Worked at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law as: graduate teaching assistant (30.9.1987-6.11.1990); assistant professor (7.11.1990-19.12.1995); senior assistant professor (20.12.1995-22.10.1996); associate professor (23.10.1996-27.6.2000); professor of law (28.6.2000-6.2.2004). Since 17.2.2004 works as full professor of civil law, in permanent status from March 2009.


Membership in professional organizations: Society of European Contract Law (SECOLA); European Law Institute; associate member of International Academy of Comparative Law; permanent member of the Croatian Academy of Legal Studies; member of Croatian Society of Civil Law Studies and Practice; member of Civil Law Forum for South East Europe; member of the Association for the Promotion of the Academy of European Law, Trier; member of Freude des Hamburger Max-Planck-Institutes für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg; member of Common Core groups for European Private Law (condominium, transfer of immovable property, security rights on immovable property).


Teaching at: Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb: Master studies in law, courses: Civil Law 1, Civil Law 2, Civil Law – Contractual Obligations, Land Registration Law, Foundations of European Private Law. Advanced master studies in Civil and Family Law, courses: Property Law, Succession Law, European Private Law. Postgraduate doctoral studies in Civil and Family Law, courses: Property Law, Succession Law, European Private Law, facultative courses: Geodetic Law, Special Property Regimes, Law of Spacial Planning and Urbanism, Secured Credit, Systems of Recording Rights in Land, Land Registration Law. Postgraduate  doctoral studies in European Law, courses: European Private Law. / University of Zagreb, Interdisciplinary advanced studies in City administration, courses: Legal Aspects of City Administration, Legal Regulation of Cultural Goods. / Faculty of Economy, University of Zagreb: Advanced master studies on Legal and Economic framework of business in European Union, courses: European Business Law. / Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb: Undergraduate studies, course: Foundations of Land Registration Law. Visiting professor at: Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna (2002, 2010), Chuo University Tokyo (2010), Hokkaido University Sapporo (2010), Ryukoku University Kyoto (2010), Chonnam National University Gwangj (2010), Faculty of Law University of Sarajevo (2008), Law School, Tallinn University of Technology (2011), Faculty of Law Unversity of Zenica (2012); Judicial Academy (2011); teaching at academic summer schools: "Central&Eastern European Law Summer Program" (Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis / University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law),  course:  Real Estate Acquisition and Ownership in Central and Eastern Europe (Mlini, 2005, 2006, 2007); SEE Graduates EU Law Teaching & Research Academy at Saarbrucken 1.-13.7.2013 Saarbrücken; Universität Salzburg, Summer School Salzburg 1.-13.7.2013, IP “European Private Law”, Europäische Gerichtsbarkeit / European Jurisdiction.


Activities: vice dean, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2003/04, 2004/05); head of the Chair of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb; head of the Department for Civil and Family Law, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, (2011-); head of postdoctoral studies for civil and family law Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb (2011-); head of statutory council University of Zagreb (2009-); member of scientific law field committee (2009-2013); member of scientific area council - social sciencies (2013-2017); member of negotiating team for the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the EU, leader for working group freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services, member of working group for free movement of capital; arbitrator on the list of arbitrators - Permanent Court of Arbitration, Croatian Chamber of Economy (1997-); member of  legislation working groups for: Ownership and Other Property Rights Act (1996, 2013), Land Registration Act (1996,2011), Land Registration Regulations (1997), Succession Act (1998), regulations on the functioning of the land database, Agricultural Land Act (1998/1999, 2012), Commassation Act (2009), Act on Services (2009), Tenancy Act (2012), Maritime Domain Act (2011), Expropriation Act (2013), drafting legislation on organization and operation of the data base related to the land registry facts in Republic of Croatia (BZP, 2004); member of the examination board for the Croatian bar exam, Croatian Ministry of Justice (2005, 2006); advisor on project on Land Registration and Cadastre Reform (2005); member of Management board of South East European Law School Network/SEELS; member of working group for drafting the educational material for the improvement of the judges and state attorneys to the acquis communautaire within Judicial Academy (Ministry of Justice) (2008/2009); member of Public Notary Council Academy. Study visits: Rechtswissenschatliche Fakultät, Karl-Franzens Universität, Graz: 1.10.-30.11.1992; Forschungsinstitut für mittel- und osteuropäisches Wirtschaftsrecht (FOWI), Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien: 9.-23.10.1995; Swiss Institute for Comparative Law Lausanne 1.-31.7.2007; Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg 1.5.-31.7.97, 1.7.-31.8.00, 1.7.-31.8.02, 1.7.-31.8.03, 1.-31.7.04, 1.-31.7.06, 1.7.-31.8.08, 1.-25.12.08, 1.-31.3.09, 1.–31.5.09, 1.-30.9.09, 1.-31.7.10, 1.-31.7.11, 1.-31.7.12, 1.-31.7.13; attended several international seminars and courses in civil, commercial and european law.





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Trg Republike Hrvatske 3, soba 34/II
Civil Law

Tuesday 16:00 - 17:30

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