Consumer Protection
Consumer Protection
Code: 79157
ECTS: 4.0
Course coordinators:
Basic data
Consumer Protection 4.0 79157
This course is primarily developed for foreign students who participate in the ERASMUS exchange programme. Students of the Faculty of law of the University of Zagreb can as well enrol the course as an elective subject within the 9th semester of Master of law study.

After successfully finishing the course students are expected to gain a general knowledge on the consumer protection law in the European Union, notably its main features, sources of law, regulation techniques and specific provisions. They should be able to enumerate main rights of consumers, main sources of law of consumer protection, fields of protection and main features of consumer protection regulation. Furthermore, students are expected to be able to detect different modalities of judicial and alterative protection of consumer rights. Finally, after successfully finishing the course students are expected to acquire specific knowledge which will help them in solving practical problems.
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