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Predavanje - prof. dr. sc. Matthias...

23. svibnja 2016., u 17:00h, u Vijećnici Pravnog fakulteta (TMT 14), prof. dr. sc. Matthias Klatt (Institut za pravnu filozofiju, pravnu sociologiju i pravnu politiku Pravnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Grazu) održao je predavanje pod naslovom "Legal Argumentation and the Rule of Law". 


Sažetak predavanja

Both the concept of legal argumentation and the concept of the rule of law are contested and subject to irrationality objections. In this talk, I will refute these objections by analyzing the two concepts and focusing on their mutual relation. Based on a new account of the rule of dual-natured law, I will elaborate in detail on how law's dual nature play out in the various forms and problems of legal reasoning, allowing for a third theory of legal argumentation which integrates formal and material elements by means of optimization. 

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