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Evaluation research in social work
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Evaluation research in social work
Study: Social Work - 3. semester
Code: 166848
ECTS: 5.0
Course coordinators: prof. dr. sc. Dean Ajduković
Basic data
Evaluation research in social work Social Work - 3. semester
5.0 166848
Lecturer in charge Consultations Location
prof. dr. sc. Dean Ajduković
Rossi, P.H., Lipsey, M.W., Freeman, H.E.; Evaluation. A systematic approach; Sage (2004)
Ajduković, D.; Development of evaluation indicators in psychosocial projects: balance between a creative challenge and research rigor; Intervention (2008), str. 29-38
Williams, R., Mikus Kos, A., Ajduković, D., van der Veer, G., Feldman, M.; Recommendations on evaluating community based psychosocial programmes; Intervention (2008), str. 12-21
Ajduković, M., Ajduković, D.; Model evaluacije i učinci projekta "Uvođenje supervizije u sustav socijalne skrbi; Ljetopis Studijskog centra socijalnog rada (2004), str. 5-41
Fitz-Gibbon, C. T., Morris, L.L.; How to design a program evaluation; Sage (1991)
Henry, G.T.; Practical sampling; Sage (1990)
King, J.K., Morris, L.L., Fitz-Gibbon, C.T.; How to assess program implementation; Sage (1991)
Strauss, A., Corbin, J.; Basics of qualitative research; Sage (1991)
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